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Our Handheld Airbrush System Offers Even Coverage

If you've never had a spray tan before, you should give it a try

As social media becomes increasingly popular, so too do spray tans. Wondering what the secret is to getting that bronzy glow in the dead of winter? Many of your favorite influencers likely have regular spray tanning sessions. When you visit Midwest Sun LLC, you can steal their look.

We use a Norvell handheld airbrush device to give our customers an even tan. Because we apply the product by hand, we're able to give you a much more natural look than machines can achieve. Stop by today to get yourself selfie-ready.

Top 3 benefits of spray tans

Wondering what all the hype over spray tans is about? You should consider spray tanning if you want to:

  1. Get an even tan
  2. Maintain your tan all year
  3. Reduce UV exposure

When you choose Midwest Sun, you won't have to worry about that uncomfortable sticky feeling that spray tanning sometimes leaves behind. All our spray tan packages come with a complimentary session in one of our standing tanning beds to make sure everything dries evenly.